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In conjunction with the celebration of Youth Day, a carnival was set up, with games
ranging from chapteh to darts, drawing in students of all levels. The party-like atmosphere
present at West Coast Park was truly a sight to behold, as students and teachers got into
the mood and painted their faces in a show of their House spirit.

                                                                                                               The LSG
                                                                                                               House Mascot
                                                                                                               Michael Leong)

The Cross Country Championships saw a brilliant show of sportsmanship from our boys
and girls alike, many of whom ran to the best of their abilities over the 4.6km and 3.6km
courses respectively. The final two-hundred metre stretch before the finishing line
provided much drama for the day, as participants competed enthusiastically to the finish.

                                                                                                               Our teachers
                                                                                                               took part too!
                                                                                                               (Credits: Klaus

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