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The event started off with a Trivia Quiz that provided participants with unique insights to
the Year 5 batch. Fun and laughter filled the air as participants found out how much or
how little they knew about their batch-mates. Various talents from the Year 5 cohort put
up thrilling acts, with different songs and dances entertaining all those who were present.
One of the most poignant moments was the screening of the Year 5 Orientation video
filmed at the start of the year. It reminded many of the friendships made and how quickly
time flies as the Year 5s reached the halfway mark in their IB journey. The night then ended
off with the highlight of the event - a free-and-easy dance session.
The organising committee would like to thank Dance Venia and the Media Resource
members for their help and support, the Student Council Teacher Advisors for their
guidance, as well as all the Year 5s who came down to support the event.

                   The audience participating actively during the Trivia Quiz

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