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Videos highlighted the various achievements of our students, including the excellent
performance of the ACS (Independent) athletes at the SEA Games 2015. A shared sense of
pride was aroused among ACSians, students and teachers alike, which was shown by the
hearty applause and cheers by the audience for the award-winners.

                                                                                                              Mr. Richard
                                                                                                              Seow addresses
                                                                                                              the school in his
                                                                                                              keynote speech

The event was topped off with performances by the school’s own Guitar Ensemble and
Dance Venia, another display of the talents of ACSians that are very much a part of what
makes the school vibrant and unique. The closing hymn – “In Christ Alone” – was a fitting
end to the event and it reminded ACSians that amidst celebrating the achievements of
fellow students, all glory goes to God. With God, the Best is indeed here, and Yet to Be.

                                                                                                              Dance Venia puts
                                                                                                              up a colourful
                                                                                                              performance for
                                                                                                              the school

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