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32-33 Year 1 Discovery Camp 2016

                                                                                          The Class
                                                                                          of 2015

Seniors’ Night 2015

By Mr Chua Kock Yong, Deputy Year Director (Year 4)

On the night of 2 October 2015, the Year 4 Express of 2015 gathered to celebrate their
years of friendship. The atmosphere was joyous and at the same time emotional. It was
also a night where hidden talents in making movies, singing, rapping and dancing were on
full display! The rendition of a Zac Brown number, Chicken Fried, by David of 4.07 was

A Seniors’ Night would not be a Seniors’ Night if there
was no tribute speech. This year, the speech was
eloquently delivered by Master Chen Mingwei who
captivated the audience as he recounted the events of
the year.

When the night finally drew to a close with the usual
graduation song, Friends Forever, students and teachers
alike were almost reduced to tears. It was a bittersweet
parting. They knew their paths had crossed once and
they would leave the school they had known as home
for the last four years. Yet they would forge a future
that had been shaped by the experiences shared with one

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